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Rafael Hernández Airport (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

Inside the airport was good Arriving to the area of the airport was out of were honking nit moving people were getting off of their car with luggages to get to the airport.. No one knows what they are doing..we needed to turn in our rental..we were afraid we would lose our flight.Finally someone with some sense let the rentals pas to the parking..please don't let this happen again people were angry..It could turn into something people could get hurt. Ihave never seen something so disorganized.

— Rose Chavez

Menara Airport (Marrakech, Morocco)

Please follow proper body searching protocol!!.. your aiport police doesnt use gloves! Use your back hand when searching from groin areas and do not attempt to touch somebody’s private parts when it is already being shown to you!.. i have been to alot of airports but i couldnt help but think that your body search was merely assaultive because the police was simply a typical male pervert who has been hungry for sex from women that you will take advantage of men instead!! How you searched me and tried to touch my private parts when i am already undressed infront of you is considered sexual assault,please train police officer to speak in english, and not amongst themselves because it is an international airport!.. you will be hearing from my country of origin’s embassy and my lawyer!..

— Pee Dee

Borg El Arab Airport (Alexandria, Egypt)

Was on Wizzair flight 5W 7018 5th November 2023. My checked in Bag had a Samsung S22 hone ( in the box). When I reached home I did not find the phone. It was stolen at Borg Al Arab Airport by the bag handlers!

— Osama Kashkoush

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