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Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport
Varadero, Cuba


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Passenger feedback

[1 stars]lisa brunelle (Vancouver BC Canada) - February 9, 2023
We found the staff extremely nasty including the washroom attendant who wanted $10 USD, then to realize the stolen items from checked luggage. Travel mug, noise cancelling machine and an otterbox phone charger. All replaceable items and only about $100.00 loss. We knew certain things are hard to come by for Cubans so we brought tons of gifts and tipped most generously.I also heard Cubans were a very proud nation although some are not too proud to beg (Havana) or steal (Veradero airport). Some people at the resort were fabulous and many were not very friendly. The beaches were beautiful but We will never go back to Cuba.
[1 stars]Hazel Murphy (Manchester) - January 19, 2023
Arrived home to find my suitcase had been opened and somebody had a good rummage in there !
Nothing was taken as fortunately there were no valuables in there .
[1 stars]CDixon - September 9, 2022
Just travelled through airport today. We were aware of the comments that they break open suitcases even if locked. We locked ours and double checked they were secure. On arrival back home one of our cases had been tampered with obviously trying to get entry, bending the zips and damaging the lock. Very frustrating as there is simply nothing any traveller can do to prevent this. The airport authorities need to get a grip of this issue.
[1 stars]Gabriel (Quebec, Canada) - July 18, 2022
By the way, this is my second attempt to post a review on this site for the Varadero airport.
Again, regardless how kind and fast are the people working at the check-in stations, the fact that stuff is stolen from the checked bags is outrageous. Yesterday when we got home and opened our luggages, there was a missing BlueTooth Portable Speaker (JBL Charge 3 black) worth more than 150$. Someone took the liberty to open our luggage and help himself by stealing our goods. Moreover, there was no paper explaining why that item would be missing.
This has never happened in our life that items are stolen from our luggages, until we decided, well, to go spend a week on vacation in Varadero. Suprise, it comes with "perks".
Flyers, be aware, keep any valuable items on your carry-on luggage, if possible.
This would not give the thieves the chance to "shop for free" in your luggages.
Guaranteed, this was the last time Cuba has seen our faces.
If I could I would give -100 stars, due the fact that thieves roam free there.
C Jobin (Qc, Canada) - June 7, 2022
We flew out of this airport on June 5th 2022. Our luggage was in the airport for approximately 3 hours. Once we got home and unpacked, we noticed that my partner's bottle of Dior perfume and one of his 10 cigars had been stolen. This is frustrating because we cannot bring ALL valuables in our carry-on due to restrictions. This has never happened to us in any other airport.
[1 stars]D strac (canada) - August 17, 2014
we will never go back to cuba again!!!!! very scarry and corrupt airport. we filled forms out wrong on airplane and thought we were getting new ones but instead the airport cleared out including airtransit staff and somebody from the airport stole our passports. after a half an hour a air transat employee came off the plane and got video survailence and then they showed up very scary when nobody else is around.
[1 stars]Moe (Canada) - March 15, 2014
Worse experience of my life at an airport.. Total lack of organization and common sense.. Cuba is not a third world country, they are a country with no future. NEVER AGAIN.
[1 stars]J Poulain (Canada) - March 7, 2014
Spent week of February 11-18, 2014 in Cuba. Spend a lot of money off resort and had a great time with my three children and lots of pictures. A few days after arriving home I decided it was time to view my pictures and realized my camera door was broke off, my battery fell to the floor and my memory card was gone. No pictures of our trip. I would have given the camera up for the pictures. Why would someone steal your memory card and not your camera. Cuba is loosing a lot of tourists because of theft at the airport. I am moving on to another tourist destination!! No More Cuba!!!
Peter Vigneau (Canada) - March 1, 2014
Juan Gualberto Gomez Air Port is the Worst airport in the world to get out from! Was there on feb 2014 and i think they send everybody to the airport that day. The airport was full!! The plane had to wait two hours for some passengers. They leave there boute and let you standing there, thinking they will come back. You Have to grt in a new line and the same thing happeens. Not returning there. Last trip to Cuba for me!Pierre Vigneau.Canada
[1 stars]J. Leigh (Canada) - January 6, 2014
Terribly disappointed to have just arrived home today from this airport and my husband's camera was stolen from his suitcase. Why is nothing getting done about this? Story after story I have read online about thefts from this airport. It makes me feel upset that after leaving tons of things behind that I packed to leave there, that we get something stolen. I will never check a bag here again, ever.
[info]dan (canada) - July 27, 2013
Some of my clothes were stolen and my fathers expensive cologne was stolen. No we did not forget it, but we did pack these items at the top of the suitcase. The people of this country should have more respect for themselves as they are constantly losing tourists due to thievery and constantly asking for money.
[3 stars]J Thiessen (Edmonton, Canada) - January 10, 2013
I flew in on Dec 07 2012
I have no complaints other then the money exchange was a bit of a rip off.
My bags all arrived and were not opened.
Security was a breeze on arrival and also at departure.
[question]cw - January 5, 2013
Our suitcase went missing on Dec 29, 2012. We had 5 cases and only 4 made it. The Canjet rep knowingly failed to tag the suitcase. We notified the Hola Sun rep immediately and were told it should make it to Toronto. I feel Canjet should be held accountable for the full value of the case, which is estimated at $1800.00.
[1 stars]lisette (Canada) - November 7, 2012
Re: varadero airport. i flew into varadero and we were waiting for our bags. the bag eventually showed up and i thought, hm, looks different. upon arrival at the hotel- which had bedbugs- i discovered half my bag was missing. If you go to cuba, do carry-on only. absoulte theivery.
[question]J Anchor (U.K.) - December 13, 2010
Airport management, why is nothing being done to stop these thieves in baggage handling.You need to install CCTV urgently
Shame on You Cuba!!! (Toronto Canada) - December 3, 2010
I lost my checked in luggage!! I flew from Varadera to Toronto on Nov 25 via Air Transat and my checked in luggage was not available at Toronto Airport!
I had packed all my stuff in there: Tons of clothes, including dresses, Underwears, Sony Digital Camera Chargers, Tons of Skincare Products, and expensive Cosmetics!!!!! I knew my luggage was stolen by some thieves working at the airport. Folks, never check in any luggage at Varadero airport. When a country as poor as Cuba, its people loves everything you carry to their country. Never come back and vist Cuba again. I also warn you, tourists, be careful, it is Cuba and it is poor! Third world! I never had this kind of experience before. I flew and I never lost my checked in luggage!!!! Terrible terrible experience!!
Shame On you Cuba!!! (Toronto Canad) - December 3, 2010
I lost my checked in luggage at Cuba Varadero Airport!!!!
Mrs J Anchor (Greater Manchester U.K.) - July 8, 2010
We arrived home in Gtr Manchester of the 4th June and realised the locks had been broken off our suitcases.The items stolen have created great distress to myself and I am having trouble comming to terms with the situation. Items stolen were my 22 carat Wedding Ring my diamond engagement ring 2 prs gold hoop earrings 1 pr silver hoop earrings and channel perfume. How could anyone steel a womans wedding ring without remorse, I dont know how they live with it. I have wrote to Cuban Embassy Cuban Tourist Board and Thompson Holidays, hope they will act quickly to apprehend these thieves as I have travelled widely and never had this happen before even in Kenya and India .This is disgraceful and the people working on the baggage should hang their heads in shame and be dissmissed.I will never give up trying to achieve this result.
[1 stars]SP - May 26, 2010
I flew from Varadero to Toronto on May 17th 2010. When I opened my suitcase at home, my stuff was tossed and turned and my cologne and razor blades were missing but all my duty free stuff was still there. My friends though I just forgot to pack these items but I KNEW I didn't forget them. After reading the other comments on here, I'm 100% sure the Cuban airport workers stole my stuff. 3rd world country at it's finest.
[1 stars]KPower (Hamilton, Ontario) - May 25, 2010
I flew from Varadero to Toronto on Sunwing on May 23, 2010 and had several items stolen out of my packed luggage including a Blackberry charger, iPod, sunglasses a watch and some jewelry. They had clearly gone through my entire bag and knew what they were looking for. As always, beware what you pack in your checked bag. Had a great vacation, but unfortunately this expereince has tainted it.
[info]Michel Potvin (Ontario Canada) - April 28, 2010
On arrival to Cuba in Varadero my CDROM'in a case where STOLEN. Not sure what else might have been missing. I will not go back to CUBA. But if I do I will put a bunch of virus's on the cdrom's so that if they load them it will erase there computers!
[1 stars]J. McDonald (Halifax) - April 25, 2010
I returned from Varadero this morning to find that both my camera and laptop were stolen from my checked baggage. Both items were there when I checked in at the airport! Beware folks. Don't put anything of value in your checked baggage is you're passing through the airport at Varadero.
[info]D P (St. John's, NL) - April 24, 2010
I returned home to St. John's, NL from Varadero on April 12, 2010. When I noticed the TSA lock was missing from my luggage, I knew something was up. My Rolex watch (knockoff) was missing, my Leatherman multi-tool and the lock. I suspect the Cuban authorities x-ray the bags and know what they are looking for! BEWARE! This is NOT good for tourism.
J Troy (Canada) - April 13, 2010
I flew out of VRA to YVR on April 12th and when returning home discovered that my iPod had been stolen from my checked baggage. I know someone who works at your airport took it because I checked my bag in with another one, and when they came out in Vancouver, one was at the very start of the line, and one was at the very end. Please find it and get back to me.
[1 stars]A. Vallor (Canada) - February 16, 2010
I also had items stolen from my checked baggage. Brand new digital camera with all of my pictures, ipod, sunglasses, and all of my jewellery. Left my camera case though! This was in December 2009, do not trust your items in checked baggage! Had a great trip and would have returned but after this experience, I don't think I will. I lost over $2000 worth of belonings.
[1 stars]George W. Bush - January 26, 2010
Checked 3 bags on Sunday 17 Jan 2010 for return flight to Calgary. Once at Calgary, discovered all 3 bags had items stolen - cell phone, camera with pictures, and 2 pairs of sunglasses. To add insult to injury, someone with a suspiciously cuban accent answered my stolen phone when we dialled the number. If you have such a lack of security, then it would be easy for terrorists to do their business there. No thanks, I will never go there again, and will discourage everyone I know from doing business with thieves. Go USA!!!
Juliane Kiss (Toronto Canada) - January 16, 2010
Hope someone can help me. I just got back from the airport of Santa Clara Cuba yesterday and my leather jacket among a sweater, a turtle neck (all black) and a grey pasmina scraf was left behind (right at the scanner in the airport) for some reason it never went through and I only realised it when I was on the airplane. I was distracted by security when they took away a tweezer and was writing my passort information. Not sure if it was stolen or just left on the scanner. Please if anyone is going to Santa Clara and is from Toronto, could you please ask on my behave for those items. I will give a small reward if returned. Sincerely, Juliane Email address is All items are size small (woman"s) and the leather jacket has a humming bird embroidered inside just middle near the collar. This leather jacket has special meaning to me and is very sentimental. Thanks for anyone who will ask on my behave...I will be forever grateful.
[1 stars]W Schneider (Canada) - January 10, 2010
Laptop stolen from my locked backpack after going through the checked baggage counter. If things can be taken out this easily, things can be put in just as easy....a bomb perhaps. Will not be returning and will be advising all friends to do the same.
Rui Taborda (Portugal) - December 3, 2008
Dear Sirs

Recently I flew out of your airport (29 November, White flight 803, from Varadero to Lisbon) and when I arrived home I discover that my laptop (ACER) has disappeared from my suitcase. This computer has a relatively low commercial value but the data it carries has great importance for my work therefore I’ll be most grateful if you could check for any lost laptop computer on your premises. Thanks in advance for your help, best regards
Rui Taborda
[question]Tytus (POLAND) - July 28, 2008
What is the chance to receive back my stolen DIESEL glasses and Big bottle of Joop Barrocco parfums. Shame on this beautifull country. I have been to Cuba for the first time and i planned to come back in october. Unless someone gets punished for the theft of my stuff- this was my last trip and I will tell to all my friends to wait couple of years for the changes.You have got video monitoring in all the airport. Is it possible that because of one "black ship" you accept losing of thousands of Euros from turism. Simple comparison of all the comments I have found on Your website shows that you have an employee that sniffs through tourist cosmetic bags (shoud smell with expenisive parfums) and is stealing small electronics and (as in my case) expensive glasses. Have you been thinking of "mistery shoping" approach sometime?
S.Q - May 1, 2008
What are the chances that my daughter would get her stolen camera back or even the pictures from thier vacation thier were there from april 20 to the 28 they flew Air Transat maybe miracles do happen
S Q - May 1, 2008
My daughter and her boyfriend flew out on April 28 in the morning with Air Transat and when they got to Cagary they found out thier camera was stolen this was thier first vacation and it was pretty disappointing not to have any pictures of it
[1 stars]Jonathan Doucet (Canada) - April 9, 2008
I just flew out of Varadero airport. And I got stollen a cellphone, charger and headphone that was in my checkin back. Beware!! All my bathroom stuff bags were left unziped and all my cloth was in a mess.
[question]Lloyd Polack. (Vernon BC, Canada.) - February 9, 2008
I recently flew out of your airport. I arrived home to discover that when checking my bags somebody took a liking to my hat and exchanged one of theirs for mine. Mine was a PGA West hat and was exchanged for a "Bersimis 1 Securite 2005 A.P.P." hat. My hat was not in great shape but had a lot of sentimental value.

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